Have you got 10 minutes?

Buy MP310-minute yoga is here to help you get to your yoga mat – even when you think you don’t have time.

The haBuy CDrdest part is getting the yoga mat out. Once you’re there, here are seven yoga sessions to choose from – ranging from 6 to 15 minutes long.

Track 5You can do just one session its own. If you find you’ve got longer, do another one… You may end up doing them all – and that will take just over an hour!

10-minute yoga the album is available on CD, which you can buy here, and a download, which you can buy here. Key postures from for all seven sessions are illustrated in free practice sheets here.

“I’m so pleased to have your cd: the pace, the 10-minute chunks work really well for me, as I can tailor it to how much time/energy I have. Also helps not to feel I’m committing to an hour, but actually I do an hour because it feels so good. Fantastic!” Millie Burton, London

Photography: Leona Patterson Lennscape.